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Cedar Siding

Cedar is a remarkable natural resource. It’s organic resistance to pests and moisture support its remarkable structural integrity and durability. Cedar wood is world famous for its beautiful aesthetic as well. It’s straight grain and gorgeous color make it a fantastic addition to any building’s aesthetic. The structure of the wood also offers a happy medium of strength and weight, enabling the product to serve as both an interior and exterior material.

Most often shaped into beveled boards, cedar siding lends itself well to a layered effect. The product’s installation and upkeep are relatively simple, but the material does require a greater investment of time and elbow grease over the long term. Other options such as vinyl and fiber cement tend to be better options for those seeking a low-maintenance alternative. Cedar siding will require treatment every five to ten years, depending on its exposure to adverse weather conditions. A versatile material, cedar wood can be stained or painted any shade you like.

Benefits of Cedar Siding

“Green” and Environmentally Conscious
Cedar, as a construction material, requires a much lower amount of energy investment than its synthetic counterparts, at least in its initial production. Materials such as fiber cement, vinyl, or steel tend to require a greater amount of processing and therefore contribute to larger energy consumption. In the United States, wood and lumber products make up more than 40% of the building materials used, but their portion of production and manufacturing energy consumption hovers around 4%, one tenth of that. In addition to having a relatively low energy cost, lumber production also creates fewer greenhouse gasses than the production of synthetic construction materials. Lumber is also a renewable resource that can be replenished as well as reused and recycled.

Natural Preservative Compounds
As a wood, cedar creates its own organic preservative compounds. Cedar oil eliminates the need for an additional chemical preservation. As the chemicals often employed to protect and preserve other wood products can be detrimental to people’s health, this is a significant plus.

Durable Material
Cedar’s organic resistance to pests and rot make it a fantastic choice for exterior paneling. Its structural integrity is also remarkable, allowing it to remain strong and beautiful even in extreme weather conditions.

Incredible Beauty and Aroma
Artists and construction workers alike marvel at the beauty and aroma of cedar and have done so for many years. The wood’s natural aesthetic appeal—the smooth texture of its grain and depth of its hue—lend themselves well to a vast array of styles and designs. Cedar is also quite receptive to many finishing products such as paint, stain, and oil. Cedar’s scent is a particular and quite pleasing one, often described as sharp and clear with an essence of pine.

Exceptional Workability
Cedar is an exceptionally easy material to work with. The wood takes well to being shaped, adhered, and sanded. It is produced in light, long panels of lumber that are easily cut down to size and secured in place with a hammer and nails. Cedar can be lined up to form a nearly seamless surface or carved into any number of patterns. The wood also has a remarkably low level of resin in its grain, allowing the lumber to bond well with many types of glue and be receptive to many stains and paints.

Cedar Siding Installation

Touted as one of the most high-quality construction materials on the planet, cedar is internationally recognized for its aesthetic appeal, remarkable durability, structural integrity, and insulating properties. Whatever your project, cedar is perfect for the job.

If you would like to have cedar siding installed on your building, giving you many years of low-maintenance, affordable paneling, contact Dallas Siding Company. We would love to talk with you about how we can make your cedar siding dreams come true.

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"Wonderful customer service, high-quality installation"

Dallas Siding came out and removed our old siding, replacing it with new and beautiful planks. The owner was very kind and offered us his expertise, suggesting materials for our specific situation. It took us several weeks to make up our mind about the product, but we knew from the start that Dallas Siding would be installing it. As soon as we decided, Dallas Siding put in our order and sent out a crew to start on demolition the very next day. Replacing siding is a somewhat lengthy process, but it was never a nuisance. The team was friendly, the site was cleaned up every day, and the staff was always available to answer our questions.

Rachel G.

"Thank you, Dallas Siding!"

The siding on our house was installed more than 35 years ago and in dire need of replacement. I did my homework and got four different quotes for the project. Dallas Siding had the best price of all of them. The installation was perfect–they handled the fiber cement material beautifully. I don’t know how in the world they are able to offer such high-quality work at such low prices, but I’m not complaining! Thank you to everyone at Dallas Siding.

Amanda G.

"Trustworthy, stand-up guys!"

Dallas Siding was a delight to work with! The owner explained all of the different advantages and disadvantages to different materials and was very upfront about the cost of each variation. I had a limited budget, so together we came to the conclusion that it was best to replace two of the most weather-worn walls now, and update the rest in two or three years. I highly recommend everyone at this company!

Jenna C.

"Wonderful work!"

I could not be more grateful that we chose Dallas Siding to renovate our house. The owners were fantastic and kept us in the loop. We always knew exactly where the process was at. Our house is very close to our next-door neighbor’s, so it wasn’t an easy feat. The crew did a fantastic job, stayed on schedule, and kept within the established budget. Thank you so much, Dallas Siding!

Kevin P.